Suns Logo

Part 1: The Purple Body

To start our suns logo we will have to find a desired image that we would like to vectorize. I have chosen to go with the image below. Please right click this image and copy it.

Suns logo

Now let’s open up Adobe Illustrator. Once you are in Illustrator open a new file. Let’s make our work space 500×500 so we will have enough room to trace our image.

Work space size

Once you have your 500×500 work space, go to Edit:Paste. This should place the Suns logo right in the middle of your work space. It might have zoomed in a bit too far however. To get it to one hundred percent you can go to View:Actual Size. If you are on a pc you can simply use the shortcut by holding down control and 1 at the same time.

Now that we are ready we first have to determine what the base shape is going to be. While looking at it you can see the purple base of the phoenix is the color on bottom. We will start by tracing this image.

Start by selecting the pen tool on your tools menu. If your tools menu is not displayed you can go to Window:Tools.

Pen tool

Now that we have the pen tool selected let’s get rid of both the front and background color. Do this by clicking the none icon on the tools menu.


Once this is done switch the colors by using the arrow next to the colors.


Once you switch the two collors click the none button again. Your colors should now look like this.


The last step we need to setup before tracing is setting up a new layer. Simply do this by clicking the new layer button on your layers menu. If your layers menu is not open you can go to Window:Layers.

New layer

I like to work at 200% when tracing. To zoom in go to View:Zoom In twice. Let’s start by clicking on the corner next to the grey box.

Purple step 1

For the next step we are going to click to the point up and to the left. When you click this point you have to hold the mouse down and drag up until your pen line matches the swoop of the wing.

Purple step 2

To start the next step you now have to click on the dot in the middle again. If you do not click on this dot Illustrator will assume you want to add to your curve, which you do not. By clicking this middle line it will save your curve and not add on to it. You will still have a line going threw your dot, but only to the bottom of this.

Purple step 3

Now we are going to click just before the circle and believe it or not this is a small arc, so you will have to once again hold the mouse button down and make a bit of a curve. If you are not zoomed in this will be almost impossible to see or make correctly.

Purple step 4

We once again will have to click the middle dot and then we can proceed. Now click the middle of the curve and drag the mouse until the curve matches up. Make sure to hold down shift so your line follows the curve exactly and will match up with the second curve to complete the circle.

Purple step 5

Once again we are going to have to click on the middle dot to start a new curve. Now click on the straight away and line up the second half of the curve. Make sure you hold down the shift key again.

Purple step 6

Once again click the middle dot and then make the next curve by clicking on the top point of the wing. You don’t need to hold shift for this. Shift is only used when you are completing things like circles that cannot be made in one curve.

Purple step 7

Now that you have got the hang of tracing the body try and finish the outside trace. Stop when you get to the phoenix’s last wing on the right.

Purple step 8

You should now have something like the image below.

Purple step 9

Now to complete this purple outline we just have to get around the bottom of the basketball. We aren’t going to trace around the edges because other colors overlap the purple in those areas and it wouldn’t look good if some purple was showing threw. So let’s met our next point to the edge of the basketball.

Purple step 10

Now click the bottom point of the basketball and make a curve using the shift button.

Purple step 11

Start by clicking on the middle point. After you do that click on the left most edge of the ball and fill in the rest of the curve without using the shift button.

Purple step 12

Once again click the middle dot and then connect it to your first point.

Purple step 13

Now click the eyedropper tool.

Eyedropper tool

Now click the dark purple anywhere on the phoenix. You should see your drawing fill with a dark purple.

Purple step 14

Now click the selection tool.

Selection tool

Use the selection tool and click anywhere around your logo in the white space. You should now have something like the image below.

Finished purple area

Now we are going to hide this by simply clicking the toggle visibility eye next to our purple layer. You will notice the eye vanishes as does the purple layer.

Toggle visibility

You should now be staring at the original Suns Logo. Next we are going to focus on the grey curves up near the phoenix’s head.
Part 2: The Grey Curves

Let’s start once again by creating a new layer. Make sure you are on “Layer 3”. Also, make sure you select “None” for both the foreground and background colors again. Select the pen tool and trace the first grey curve all the way to the left. Your image should look something like the image below.

Grey step 1

Once again use the eyedropper tool and select a grey color. Once it is filled in click the selection tool again and click somewhere in the white space. Trace and fill in the remaining curves. Once this is done hide the picture layer and unhide the purple layer. You should have an image that looks something like the one below.

Finished grey area

Next we are going to look at the bright orange area, the flames.
Step 3: Bright Orange Flames

Let’s start by hiding all of the layers except for the picture. Once again we need to select “None” for colors and have the pen tool ready. Let’s make another layer. Make sure you are using “Layer 3”. Let’s start at the edge of the flames in the bottom left.

Bright orange step 1

Once again use the pen tool to trace the outside of the flames and stop at the end of the flames on the right.

Bright orange step 2

Your image should now look like the one below.

Bright orange step 3

Once this is done connect the end points and use the eyedropper to fill in the color. Also use the selection tool to get rid of the trace lines. Your image should now look similar to this.

Finished bright orange area

Now unhidden all of the layers except for the image. You can see we are making some good progress.

Current progress

Now we are going to move on to the top purple edges of the basketball.
Step 4: Purple Edges

Start by hiding all of the layers except for the image. Also select “None” for both foreground and background colors as well as have the pen tool selected. Make a new layer and make sure you are using “Layer 5”.

Trace all of the purple basketball edges and fill them in with a color besides grey, purple, or orange. I usually use bright colors like red so it stands out like the image below. Make sure to extend your edges into the grey area otherwise when we do the grey they might not meet. Also, make sure to not go past the grey area into the purple.

Purple edges step 1

Now hide all the layers except for your flame layer and your newest layer so your image looks like the one below.

Purple edges step 2

Start by clicking on your left red item with the selection tool. Go to Object:Path:Divide Objects Below. Your image should look similar the image below.

Purple edges step 3

Now click the selection tool and click where the old red image used to be. You should have it highlighted now like the image below.

Purple edges step 4

Now press delete. You will notice that part of the orange has been deleted. This will show the purple background we did earlier. Do this with the rest of the red images until you get this.

Purple edges step 5

Now hide all of the layers besides the image.
Step 5: Dark Orange Basketball

Our latest layer has become empty so we will use “Layer 5” again. Select “None” for foreground and background colors, and by selecting the pen tool. Trace the dark orange lines on top. You might have to use the divide objects below to get things to match up nice. Your image should look close the one below.

Finished purple edges

Now we are going to cover the grey box.
Step 6: Grey Box

Once again create a new layer, hide all but the image, select the pen tool, and set colors to “None”. Trace the grey box with your pen tool as well as the lines below the box. Make sure not to overlap the basketball, because that layer is beneath this one. Make sure to use the same grey from before. Unhide all of the images except for the picture. Your image should look similair to the one below.

Grey box step 1

Once again create a new layer and hide the previous. Trace the purple box that is inside of the grey box and fill it in. Unhide all of the layers besides the picture and you should get this.

Purple box step 1

Now create the text using three separate layers. You should have an image similar to below.

Finished purple box

Now we are going to move on to finishing the basketball.
Step 7: Basketball Bottom

Using two separate layers you should be able to trace and finish the rest of the design to get this.

Finished Suns logo

Now highlight everything with the selection tool. Once highlighted right click and click group. This will make your whole image one. You can then delete all of the other layers including the image and rename your layer to “Suns Logo”.